BPS-5 Reviews 2022 – A Superior Way To Reduce Blood Pressure!

The BPS-5 is a natural blood pressure supplement that uses organic components to aid in lowering blood pressure.

The product, which contains five components that promise to “calm an abnormal blood pressure number,” is available over-the-counter. Golden After 50 appears to only target men and women with high blood pressure, promoting BPS 5.

Is it true that BPS-5 works? Please continue reading to learn all there is to know about BPS-5 and its effects.

Golden After 50 BPS-5 high blood pressure Reviews
Supplement Name:BPS-5
Category:Blood Pressure
Benefits:Helps in reducing high blood pressure
Product Form:Capsules
Overall rating⭐⭐⭐⭐☆ 4.5 out of 5.0
Dosage:2 Capsules Each Day
Results:2 – 3 months
Side Effects:No side effects reported
Multi-PackAvailable in 1 bottle, 3 bottles, and 6 bottles
Money-Back Guarantee:365 days
Availability:Only through the official website
Official Website:Click Here

What is Golden After 50 BPS 5?

The supplement BPS-5, which stands for Blood Pressure Support-5, is a combination of 5 powerful components used to treat problems in blood pressure.

Furthermore, these pills are believed to keep cholesterol and stress in check. High blood pressure may lead to significant health problems.

Apart from cancer, high blood pressure kills a large number of individuals. Blood flow irregularities will have severe repercussions on the heart, brain, and other major organs. This medication is effective in people all around the world, making it a trustworthy product.

Who Made the BPS 5 supplement?

The BPS-5 supplement is produced by the well-known health product line Golden After 50. Golden After 50 specializes in developing nutritional supplements tailored to people who are approaching or have passed the age of 50.

Dan Ritchie is the president of the board, and Cody Sipe is vice president and one of the product’s creators.

After years of study, testing, and clinical trials, the BPS-5 recipe was created by the Golden After 50 staff. The solution is also verified by reputable research that was done at prestigious universities.

Does Golden after 50 BPS 5 Work?

A variety of factors can cause high blood pressure. It affects people of all ages, but those in their 40s or 50s are the most vulnerable. High blood pressure levels that occur with age might be due to years of poor eating habits, lifestyle changes, and declining nitric oxide levels.

When too much salt is consumed, it can cause inflammation in the arteries, heart problems, and even stroke. As a result, maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle management are essential for blood pressure control.

The BPS-5 supplement aims to alleviate these issues by providing the body with the correct combination of compounds in the proper proportions. These substances have diverse attributes that aid the body in many ways.

Certain substances work to thin blood and improve blood flow, while others aid in reducing artery-clogging and the rejuvenation of the heart. The ingredients in the formula work together to assist remove toxins from the circulation and maintain blood pressure under control.

How to consume BPS-5? 

The BPS-5 supplement is available in vegetable capsules. For simple administration, each bottle of BPS-5 contains 60 pills for a month’s worth.

With 800mg of the unique formula in each serving, Turmeric Plus contains 30 servings in a single bottle. It’s advised to take two capsules once a day 20-30 minutes before a meal with 8oz of water.

The supplement is 100% natural and has no negative side effects; nevertheless, it is advised to see a doctor if the supplement causes an allergic reaction on the body.

It is advised not to take more than the suggested dose of the pill.

It is advised that pregnant or nursing women, infants under 18, and those with known medical issues consult a doctor before taking any dietary supplement.

Vegetable cellulose, rice flour, and vegetable magnesium stearate are included in the product.

It is recommended that you take the supplement for a longer time to get the most out of it. It does not cause dependency and is completely safe and natural.


Many advantages of reducing blood pressure levels may be derived from BPS-5, including:

  • In younger bodies, it helps to prevent the effects of aging.
  • Hypertension lowers the risk of strokes, heart attacks, high blood glucose levels, and joint aches.
  • Provides the most important nutrients for boosting one’s energy levels
  • It promotes overall health and mood while also enhancing wellbeing.
  • It aids in the alleviation of melancholy, worry, and tension.
  • It has no negative side effects because it is made only with all-natural substances.
  • It can help you maintain a healthy weight.
  • It may help to reduce undesirable cholesterol levels and keep a healthy heart.
  • It’s safe to take regardless of sex, and it tastes great.
  • It can help with digestion, cognitive function, and memory loss.
  • It also has the Healthy Blood Pressure Protocol as a bonus.
  • The product has a full money-back guarantee, so you’ll never lose your money.
  • Improves the quality of life and self-esteem


The BPS-5 solution consists of five components that are said to target blood pressure in various ways. Magnesium and lesser-known herbal extracts such as hawthorn berry and nattokinase are among the compounds.

According to the manufacturing company, each component is a “hypertension healer,” and it boasts that their pills can cure your hypertension. Here’s what BPS-5 contains, as stated on the official website:

Magnesium is found in the foods we consume. It’s also available through multivitamins and magnesium supplements. According to Golden After 50, over 80% of the population is magnesium deficient, which “is why so many people have high blood pressure.” According to the manufacturer, BPS-5’s magnesium can “help blood vessels relax, which will help your blood pressure normalize naturally.” One study found that ingesting 300mg of magnesium supplements daily for one month might reduce blood pressure by 10 points. BPS-5 contains a lesser amount than the total dose (100mg rather than 300mg).

For ages, hawthorn berry has been used in the treatment of ailments. Hawthorn berry appears to have a beneficial impact on a circulation, according to studies. Golden After 50 refers to one research that found that hawthorn berry “helped your heart pump more blood while opening blood vessel walls.” Hawthorn extract “was discovered to be effective for high blood pressure in individuals with type 2 diabetes who were also taking prescribed medicine,” according to another research.

Nattokinase, while not as well-known as the other components in BPS-5, may have various blood pressure-supporting properties. Nattokinase is a protein found in natto, a popular Japanese dish. According to Golden After 50, the substance “may indirectly assist in lowering high blood pressure.” According to doctors and researchers, nattokinase makes your blood less sticky. According to Golden After 50, one study discovered that nattokinase “could help lower your systolic number by up to 10 points and diastolic number by up to 9 points.”

GABA is a neurotransmitter produced in the brain. It’s linked with relaxation. Many people today use GABA supplements to help them relax. GABA After 50 mentions one research in which participants took GABA and had a “significant decrease” in their systolic and diastolic numbers. The firm claims that GABA has a “relaxing” effect on the body, helping your high blood pressure “tumble back down to Earth.”

Grape seed extract is a phytochemical-rich compound that contains antioxidants. Resveratrol substances in grape seed extract benefit heart health, cognitive function, and overall wellbeing because of their antioxidant properties. According to one research, grape seed extract “was able to lower the systolic numbers by at least 12 points.”

BPS-5’s components are claimed to help with blood pressure in various ways due to its chemical makeup.

BPS-5 Ingredients Label

After 50 explains the entire list of components and dosages in BPS-5 right away, making it simple to compare the mix to other internet purchases and scientific research on individual components.

BPS-5 consists of two capsules; each capsule contains the following ingredients and dosages:

  • 100mg of magnesium (25% DV)
  • 50mg of nattokinase
  • 300mg of hawthorn berry extract
  • 150mg of grape seed extract
  • 200mg of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA)

Other components include vegetable cellulose, rice flour, and vegetable magnesium stearate (to keep the composition solid).

Is it safe to use BPS-5 with medication?

Yes. This solution is both natural and non-toxic, and it may be easily integrated into an existing blood pressure strategy. Users should, however, monitor their blood pressure to make sure it does not disrupt a healthy level and visit their doctor to learn more due to the impact of this stuff on lowering blood pressure.

Should users stop taking their blood pressure medication when they start a BPS-5 regimen?

No. When it comes to quitting medication, it is critical to get guidance from a doctor. Furthermore, if individuals want to use this recipe to assist them in quitting smoking, they must inform their doctor.

What if this medicine isn’t suitable for the user?

Even if the user doesn’t obtain all of the advantages offered by BPS-5, they may still get a full refund within a year of purchase.

  • Email: (support@goldenafter50.com)
  • Phone: 1-800-351-6106
  • Address: Healthy Trends Worldwide LLC PO Box 4731 Tampa, Florida 33677 United States of America

Is it effective?

The BPS 5 variety is free of all artificial additives, as we have previously said. Calcium is one of the essential components in the formula, according to some studies. Why Is It Important? According to Harvard Medical School, calcium is essential for proper blood pressure maintenance. Furthermore, this mineral is required by a variety of other bodily systems, including bones.

Is BPS-5 legit?

The BPS-5 is a 100% natural supplement that is made with clinically tested herbal ingredients. It’s produced in their state-of-the-art factory, which follows reasonable manufacturing procedures, by a homegrown company. So there shouldn’t be any issues about the supplement’s validity.

Another bonus is that the manufacturer offers a 90-day, no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee if the supplement does not work for you. They can’t give such a generous refund policy unless the product is genuine, right? So I’d have to conclude that it’s authentic.

Is BPS-5 safe to use?

Overall, the BPS-5 blood pressure supplement by Golden After 50 appears to be a genuine natural medicine. If you’re searching for a natural substitute for antihypertensive drugs, BPS-5 may be the answer for you. Thousands of consumers have testified to having obtained good benefits after taking the pill regularly.

As stated above in this BPS-5 review, the product is considered successful since it works on the core cause of hypertension and helps to improve blood circulation naturally. The components in the supplement have all been clinically tested for safety and efficacy, and they are based on scientific studies.

Furthermore, Golden After 50 provides each BPS-5 customer with a 90-day, no-questions-asked, 100% money refund if they are dissatisfied with the outcomes. This implies there’s no risk involved in making the purchase. As a result, I’d say that BPS-5 is well worth a try.

What are the side effects of BPS-5?

BPS-5 is a safe and natural supplement. Users don’t have to be concerned about negative effects since this is a natural substance. BPS-5 isn’t meant to take the place of standard medications; it works in tandem with them.

However, you should not take it with other medicines unless your doctor approves it. It is also suggested that you check your blood pressure while taking the BPS-5 to ensure that it impacts you.

According to their physiology and current health conditions, the consequences of the medication may vary. Allergic individuals should also consult with their doctor before taking Golden Ater 50 BPS-5 capsules because they are allergic to any medicines.

What Are the Scientific Evidence for BPS-5?

BPS-5’s key components have already been shown in clinical tests to result in beneficial changes in various health problems, especially blood pressure increases.

The BPS-5 supplement’s official webpage did not include any scientific tests that contribute to the evidence for the BPS-5 mixture’s effectiveness.

However, much research may be consulted to see the evidence for the advantages that each of its five components can provide.

Magnesium:A recent meta-analysis has shown that a median dose of magnesium daily can significantly lower both systolic and diastolic BP rates. Research involving 1173 people who were given a median magnesium regimen for eleven weeks was reviewed in this study.
Nattokinase:In another study on the impact of Nattokinase, it was discovered that an appropriate dose might lower blood pressure in people with an average SBP of 130 to 159 mmHg.
Hawthorn:A 10-week clinical investigation was conducted on 36 persons with moderately high blood pressure. The study may reveal that 500 mg of hawthorn extract daily has a remarkable lowering of diastolic blood pressure.
Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA):GABA has also been the subject of numerous investigations. One study, for example, gave 80 mg of GABA per day to persons who were enrolled in it for several months. Compared to baseline blood pressure levels in the GABA therapy group, the research team may get findings showing a significant decrease in diastolic blood pressure after a few months.
Grape seed extract:A recent study assessed the effects of 100-2,000 mg Grape seed extract in 810 individuals with high blood pressure or a high risk of developing it. Its findings indicate that patients taking a dose of 100-2,000 mg Grape seed extract may significantly improve their systolic and diastolic blood pressures.

BPS-5 Bonus: Healthy Blood Pressure Reversed

With each BPS-5 purchase, a free bonus is included. This is a copy of an ebook called “Healthy Blood Pressure Reversed,” written by Br. Dan Ritchie.

This ebook covers several health-related themes, including reducing high blood sugar levels via healthy eating and lifestyle choices.

The book is chock-full of excellent recommendations from Dr. Ritchie, a physician with extensive expertise in restoring blood pressure naturally.

According to the description, it’s a book that can assist you in keeping your pressure under control.

The following are a list of some of the themes covered in the book:

  • There are many mouth-watering yet simple, straightforward foods available for you to consume without stress over your blood pressure levels.
  • Blood pressure can be reduced by performing these simple measures.
  • A 15-minute breathing and visualization therapy to help reduce your blood pressure.
  • Other than salt, other factors can cause higher blood pressure rates.
  • There are several reasons why the DASH diet may not be beneficial for everyone.

What to Expect After Taking BPS-5

The BPS-5 website is full of testimonials from customers claiming to have significantly benefited from the supplement. Many medicines claim that they no longer suffer from high blood pressure after taking BPS-5. One client even says she stopped taking her doctor’s antihypertensive drugs.

According to the official sales page, here are some of the benefits users may anticipate after taking BPS-5:

Several individuals have spoken about how BPS-5 has improved their quality of life. One woman, Rosyln, claims she discontinued taking one of her blood pressure medications after taking BPS-5 because her doctor told her it was no longer required.

Tom claims he has more energy and healthier sex life because “his blood pressure has improved along with his circulation” after taking BPS-5.

After taking BPS-5, Marie was said to have been able to “reduce her numbers by 34%” and “get off her prescription drugs.”

Jack said that he no longer worries about having a heart attack or stroke on the course since taking BPS-5 and that he is once again enjoying golf with his pals.

A scientist described a “miracle” ingredient in BPS-5 as being “able to help increase circulation and decrease blood clots, which are both important for older people.”

Another woman, Margaret, claims that she goes after her grandchildren without worrying about her heart.

The manufacturer of After 50 guarantees that their supplement will work, stating, “your high blood pressure will be reduced or your money back” after taking BPS-5.

Overall, Golden After 50 states that BPS-5 “is your team of bodyguards.” The components may help to support blood pressure in a variety of ways.

BPS 5 Customer Reviews

On popular public health websites, I found many positive BPS-5 customer reviews. I was able to meet some of these clients and verify their claims in person. As a result, it appears that the customers who take the supplement are pleased with the outcomes.

I came across some negative customer reviews and a few scathing testimonials. After using it for a month, they seemed to be dissatisfied with the outcomes and requested refunds. And, according to what I’ve heard, they were promptly compensated. However, when I tried to contact these consumers on record, they refused to do so.

My impression is that one month isn’t enough time to determine whether any natural supplement is working. Natural supplements generally take at least a few months to begin producing results on the body. If you’re searching for a quick remedy, I don’t believe this is the product for you. However, BPS-5 may be quite beneficial if you are patient and willing to put in the effort.

How to purchase the BPS 5 supplement?

The BPS-5 pill is only accessible on the official website of GoldenAfter50.com, which is called Golden After 50. It’s a high-quality, precision-crafted all-natural product with the highest quality components.

With many offers, the product is accessible at a low price.

Choose one of the available alternatives:

  1. Buy one bottle of BPS-5 for just $49 with a small shipping fee of $8.95.
  2. Buy three bottles of BPS-5 for just $132 (each bottle costs $44) with free shipping.
  3. Buy six bottles of BPS-5 for just $234 (each bottle costs $39) with free shipping.

The product is available as a one-time payment plan with a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee.

If you are dissatisfied with the BPS-5 supplement’s blood pressure lowering effects, you can request a full refund within the first 90 days of purchase.


The supplement is produced in a medically approved ratio containing high-quality elements to ensure a healthy heart and boosted blood pressure.

With enormous discounts and a 100% money-back guarantee, it is accessible at a very low price. The pill does not create dependency and is completely safe to take.

This supplement has already been taken by thousands of individuals, with no one reporting negative effects because it is entirely secure.

The BPS-5 supplement is available on the company’s official website, so click here to be directed to the BPS-5’s official website.

FAQs –

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